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Seasonal Food & Drink

Wicked Peanut Ramen

With sauteed cabbage, onion, & carrot tossed in a spicy peanut dressing & topped with roasted peanuts
Plain 11.95 | Chicken 14.95 | Pork 14.95 | Shrimp 16.95

Dumpling Ramen Soup

Our heart yseasonal soup with bok choy, bean sprouts, topped with BQ pork & chives. Ask for our spicy option!

Matcha Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea topped with whipped premium matcha
Ask for our vegan version V

Matcha Latte

Ask for our vegan version V

Durian Smoothie

If custardy cheese was a fruit
Order at your own risk!

Weekend Specials

Available all day FRIDAY to SUNDAY

Crispy Wings (6)

Honey Sriracha, Soy Garlic, Lemongrass, Dragon, Curry
*Cannot be made w/ sauce on side 11.95

Coconut Curry Mussels

In a buttery and spicy coconut broth topped served with house made baguette 12.95

Chili Garlic Edamame

GF V 6.95

Chili Garlic Fried Okra

GF V 6.95

Housemade Dumplings (6)

drizzled with Bamboozle chili oil and dumpling sauce topped with toasted sesame and fresh scallions

Vegan w/ edamame 9.95
Pork 9.95

Banh Xeo

Vietnamese Crepes made with coconut milk curry batter w/bean sprouts, red onion, & mint, served with house dressing

Tofu V 13.95
Sesame Pork & Shrimp 16.95
Sesame Pork 13.95

Small Bites

Bamb Baos!

Comes with sliced fresh cucumber, Asian slaw, with spicy mayo, topped with cilantro (2 per order)
Panko Chicken 8.95

Dad’s BBQ Pork 8.95
Crispy Duck 12.95
Panko Shrimp 10.95
Grilled Jackfruit V 8.95

Crab Rangoon

Real crab meat, cream cheese, fresh ginger, & scallion with a house made sweet chili sauce (4)  9.95

Fried Mini Veggie Spring Rolls

Made with edamame, tofu, sesame noodles, carrot, & onion with soy vinagrette (4) V 6.95

Banh Mi Tacos

Pickled daikon & carrots, cucumber, jalapeño, & sriracha aioli, topped with cilantro in a wonton shell (4)
BBQ Pork, Chicken, 5-Spice Grilled Jackfruit V  11.95

Beef 12.95

Bamboozle Fresh Rolls

Our healthiest & most popular option on the menu. Comes with green leaf lettuce, rice vermicelli noodles, wrapped in rice paper with housemade sauces.
All Fresh Rolls are gluten free GF.
(1 roll per order. 2–3 rolls can constitute a meal)


Tiger shrimp, sesame pork, cucumber,  mint, chive, & peanut sauce GF 6.50

Grilled Chicken or Kick'n Chicken

Carrot, red bell pepper, mango, &  cilantro with soy vinaigrette GF 4.75

Crispy Duck

 Jicama, mango, roasted shallot,  & cilantro with citrus vinaigrette (contains toasted sesame) GF 8.95

Dad’s BBQ Pork or Sesame Pork

Pickled daikon & carrot, red radish, jicama,  & cilantro with zesty nuoc cham (contains toasted sesame) GF 4.75

Garlic Beef

 Red bell pepper, cucumber, jicama,  roasted shallot, perilla & soy vinaigrette GF 5.75

Tiger Shrimp

Cucumber, Thai basil, jicama, chives, &  peanut sauce GF 6.50

Customize your own roll

Choose protein, four veggies, & dressing.

Haas Avocado

Carrots, mango, cucumber,  cilantro, & citrus vinaigrette GF V 4.75

Lemongrass Tofu

Cucumber, pickled daikon &  carrot, cucumber, roasted shallot, cilantro, & shallot vinaigrette GF V 4.75

Garlic Mushroom

Carrot, jicama, cucumber, basil & soy vinaigrette (contains toasted sesame) GF V 4.75

5-Spiced Grill Jackfruit

Pickled daikon & carrot, cucumber,  jicama, mint & shallot vinaigrette (contains toasted sesame) GF V 4.75

Pho Soup

Rice noodles, bean sprouts, onion, cilantro, lime, jalapeño, & Thai basil. Ask for our spicy option!


Tender chicken strips GF 13.95/ small 6.95


Thinly sliced rare eye round GF 14.95/small 6.95


Tofu, carrots, red bell pepper, & bok choy  GF V 13.95/small 6.95


Tiger Shrimp topped with roasted shallots GF 16.95


Tiger shrimp, mussels, & calamari  topped with roasted shallots GF 17.95


Sliced roasted duck topped with roasted shallots in a duck pho broth GF 24.95


Oxtail simmered until fall-off-the-bone tender GF 24.95

Banh Mi

Vietnamese Sandwich

Green leaf lettuce, cucumbers, pickled daikon & carrots, jalapeno, cilantro, & mayo.
Served in a toasted baguette.


with house-made Vietnamese
pork cold cuts & chicken liver pâté
(no lettuce) 10.95

Vegan with Lemongrass Tofu

Vegan Banh Mi come with vegan mayo. V 10.95

Sesame Pork, BBQ Pork, Grilled Chicken or Kick'n Chicken


Garlic Beef


Saigon Salad*

Purple & green cabbage, red radish, carrots, & red onion, tossed in a sesame lime vinaigrette, topped with roasted almonds, fresh mint, & Thai basil

Vietnamese Green Papaya Salad*

Shredded green papaya tossed in a tangy citrus dressing with lotus root, red bell pepper, & cucumber topped with roasted peanuts, roasted shallots, & fresh cilantro

Choose your protein:

Chicken GF


Tiger Shrimp GF


Crispy Duck GF


Tofu GF V


Plain GF V


Traditional Noodle Salad

Vermicelli noodles, green leaf lettuce, cucumber, pickled daikon & carrots, mint, bean sprouts, crushed roasted peanuts, & roasted shallots

Choose your protein:

Sesame Pork GF, BBQ Pork GF, Grilled Chicken GF or Kick'n Chicken GF


Garlic Beef GF


Crispy Duck GF


Above salads come with
traditional zesty nuoc cham.

Lemongrass Tofu GF V

Comes with vegan shallot vinaigrette. 13.50

Plain GF V

Please choose between our traditional zesty
nuoc cham or our vegan shallot vinaigrette. 11.95

Specialty Dishes

Red Curry Noodle

Snow peas, red bell pepper, carrots, bok choy, & onions in a sweet and spicy red curry broth with flat rice noodles — med spicy

Chicken GF


Seafood GF


Shrimp GF


Tofu GF V


Traditional Yellow Curry

In a rich lemongrass & garlic coconut curry broth with carrots & potatoes served with choice of jasmine or brown rice.

Chicken GF


Tofu GF V


Boozle Bowl

Comes with green leaf lettuce.
Choose Base: Jasmine or brown rice,
rice noodle, or extra green leaf lettuce.
Choose 5 Veggies
Choose Dressing
(Suggestion: cucumber, carrot, jicama,
red bell pepper, mango, & cilantro)

Plain 11.95

Choose your protein:

Garlic Chicken GF, Sesame Pork GF, BBQ Pork GF,


Grilled Beef GF


Crispy Duck GF


Tiger Shrimp GF


Lemongrass Tofu GF V, Chili Garlic Tofu GF V, Garlic Mushroom GF V


Additional Option: Avocado +3.00

Veggie Choices

Choose one:

bean sprouts, carrots, chives, cilantro, cucumber,
daikon & carrots, jicama, mango, mint, pineapple,
red bell pepper, roasted shallots,
red onion, jalapeño, Thai basil

Homemade Sauces

Choose one:

Citrus Vinaigrette GF V, Shallot Vinaigrette GF V,
Soy Vinaigrette GF V, Peanut Sauce GF V,
Homemade Hoisin GF V, Zesty Nuoc Cham GF

Spicy Sauce:
Sriracha GF V, Sambal GF V,
Phoenix GF, Dragon Fire GF V

Bamboozle Drinks

Milk Teas

Contains Dairy








Fruit Smoothies

Made with milk
— ask for non-dairy vegan version


Fresh Avocado

A Bamboozle favorite

Berry Banana

Assortment of fresh berries & banana


Pineapple, banana, & roasted coconut

Tropical Fruit

Lychee, jackfruit, & passion fruit

Creamy Mangonada

Chamoy, tajin, & tamarind candy


For Milk Teas & Smoothies

Boba +1.00
Popping Boba +1.00
Jelly +1.00
Vegan Protein Powder +$2.00
Homemade Toffee Crunch +1.00
Substitutions GF V: Almond Milk, Homemade coconut Condensed Milk + $1.00


Our signature Bamboozle coffee blend
made using the traditional drip method
& sweetened with condensed milk
— ask for non-dairy vegan version

Iced Vietnamese Coffee


Boozle Coffee

Iced Vietnamese Coffee topped with Toffee Crunch 5.50

Vegan Iced Vietnamese Coffee

Made with homemade coconut condensed milk 5.50

Specialty Iced Drinks

Thai Iced Tea


Vegan Thai Iced Tea


Dragon Passion Tea


Strawberry Lemonade


Lavender Lemonade


Mango Lemonade




Check out our cooler with revolving specialty drinks made daily!