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Meet our Founder, Lynn Pham

Hi, I’m Lynn Pham and welcome to Bamboozle. Lynn PhamFunny how life makes its twists and turns. When I was growing up, I never dreamed of owning my own restaurant, let alone two restaurants. I didn’t choose to become a restauranteur. It chose me.

After years working as a networking engineer, I needed a change. Although I liked my work, I was longing for something more fulfilling. My job was highly analytical, which allowed me to utilize my problem-solving skills, but I was eager to indulge my creative side.

One night as I was having trouble falling asleep, I started thinking about what truly makes me happy. I began to question. What was it that drives me? What was I passionate about?

What kept surfacing was my love for travel, food, and living a healthy and active lifestyle. My mind drifted back to memories of watching my mother prepare fantastic meals in our humble kitchen.

One of my absolute favorite dishes growing up was fresh rolls, which happens to be our best seller at Bamboozle. Our family would sit at a large table with plates filled with fresh herbs picked from our garden and fresh veggies just prepared in the kitchen. We would have a portable grill sitting in the center of the table where we would grill all sorts of marinated meats. Then we’d wrap everything up in rice paper and have a feast.

Growing up, my family ate well. I didn’t realize that so many others didn’t experience the same healthy options as I had.  In that moment, I realized that part of my core of maintaining my healthy lifestyle was my diet. And my diet is primarily Vietnamese cuisine, which is what I grew up on. Instead of opening just any ordinary Vietnamese restaurant I wanted to share a dining experience giving our community an affordable and healthy lifestyle option.

I enjoy food and the art of food preparation. Personally, I don’t compromise flavor over health nor do I compromise health over flavor. I just knew others could appreciate and enjoy the same, and that’s when the Bamboozle lifestyle was born.

You’re invited to experience a new way of healthy living where you are among friends, enjoying a menu that will delight and surprise you.